Custom Marriage Ceremonies

Your ceremony doesn’t have to be like the one you attended last month. I will handcraft a ceremony that suits your personality, your beliefs, your individuality and that also celebrates you as a couple. Let’s work together to create a personal and original ceremony that you and your guests will remember and enjoy.

Just as no couple is the same, there should be no two wedding ceremonies alike. There are many different ways to personalise and customise your wedding ceremony. In my fully legal weddings, there are no restrictions and you can include anything you want. I love hearing ideas from couples about what they’d like to include, but also have many different ideas to get you started.

It is your day, and I want it to be right for you and your spouse to be, so I’ll talk you through every element of the ceremony from start to finish, and help you find the rituals, readings and vows that work for you.  The ceremony can have as much or as little religious or spiritual content as you want (even none). I also give my couples the freedom to add/remove/modify every word, sentence, and/or paragraph once their ceremony is written, so you can be confident that your wedding will be a true reflection of YOU.

But don’t worry – I’ll do most of the work!  I provide lots of guidance, suggestions, and use my own expertise and knowledge to help you create a ceremony that you will enjoy, and that you and your guests will always remember.

I’ll be there for you, every step of the way, to make sure the ceremony is just the way you want it.  The process will be seamless, worry-free, and fun!

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"We couldn’t have wished for a better wedding ceremony.  It was extremely personal and meaningful to us, beautifully written - and we enjoyed every minute!"  - Carley Jack