Vow Renewals

Renewing your wedding vows doesn’t imply that they were broken or expired; when you reiterate a promise, you’re just reinforcing that you’re going to keep to it, regardless of whether you’ve broken them or not.  It’s like saying “I love you” even when your partner already knows that you mean it.

There are many different reasons couples decide to renew their vows.

Whatever your reason, I would be delighted to help you by officiating at your ceremony.   You can choose to say exactly the same vows you did the first time round, or perhaps you want to promise something different to each other now – you will know what feels right for you.

We can work together to add new parts to the ceremony too.   Let’s handcraft you a ceremony that reflects who you both are now, as well as who you were when you first got married.

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"The ceremony Eve wrote was very moving, and really demonstrated how the years had changed us as a couple. Renewing our vows has made us more committed to each other than ever" – Wilma and Harold Wessels