Welcoming a Child

A ceremony to welcome a child is a lovely way of celebrating the birth of a new baby, but it can also be used to celebrate adopted children and step children becoming part of a new family too.

More and more parents want their children to choose their own path of religion or spirituality when they’re older, yet they still want to celebrate the child’s arrival, and welcome them to their family and community. Any parent can arrange a ceremony with me, whether they are married or not, and irrespective of religious, spiritual or cultural backgrounds.

Welcoming a Child is a unique occasion to share your joy with your family and friends, and every ceremony I handcraft is as unique as the child it is for. There are no restrictions and you can include anything you want – maybe you’d like to make promises to your child or promises to your partner now that you have a new role as parents? I can help you choose ones that feel right for you.

Supporting adults or other members of the family could also make promises to the child about how they will support them as they journey towards adulthood.   It can also be nice to have close friends read a poem or a quote they like about childhood or the joys (and challenges!) having children brings.

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"I couldn’t believe how personal and unique Eve’s ceremony for our baby was. She really listened to our ideas about who and what we wanted to include in the day" – Tracey Hann